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Get to Know Us

At Project Circles of Support (PCS), we are committed to creating a nurturing environment for those in greatest need. Recognizing the hardships life can present, particularly to those facing tough situations, our extensive experience in the non-profit realm equips us with the knowledge and resources necessary to extend empathetic support to those requiring it the most.

Since 2019, Project Circles of Support (PCS) has been dedicated to providing essential resources to unhoused students in transition and families escaping domestic violence. Recognizing the basic needs of these individuals and families, we have developed hygiene boxes filled with necessities to uphold their dignity, determination and cleanliness. Our organization provides consistent guidance and support throughout their transitional period, aiming to disrupt the cycles of poverty and violence within our community.

Our attention is now focused on a particularly vulnerable segment of our community—unhoused students in transition and families escaping domestic violence or intimate partner abuse. These individuals often find themselves without stable housing due to various factors, including domestic violence and sexual assault. At Project Circles of Support, we are committed to offering our aid and support to these students and families, acknowledging the critical importance of addressing their distinct needs.

Our pledge to empower and advocate for those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault is steadfast. By tackling the unique challenges that transitioning students face, we strive to contribute to a safer, more nurturing community for everyone.

As our organization continues to develop and expand, we remain a steadfast source of hope and support for those enduring the challenging path of overcoming hardship. Together, we can drive change, supply vital resources, and cultivate a community where each person is respected and empowered.

Numerous unhoused students have endured trauma and abuse, which can drastically affect their stability in housing. Experiences of childhood abuse, time in foster care, and other traumatic events can often result in homelessness. 

Mission Statement:

"Project Circles of Support is committed to promoting dignity, hope, and empowerment among unhoused students in transition and families escaping domestic violence. We aim to supply vital hygiene products to support self-care, fostering both physical and emotional health. By providing compassionate support and collaborating with the community, we endeavor to disrupt the cycles of hardship, reestablish a sense of safety, and encourage resilience. United, we build circles of support that elevate and empower individuals in difficult situations, paving the way for stability, recovery, and a brighter future for everyone.

Vision Statement:

Project Circles of Support envisions a future where every student without a home and every family escaping domestic violence undergoes a transformative journey towards restoration, dignity, and hope. We strive to be a symbol of compassion and empowerment. Our dream is for a world where essential hygiene products are not merely necessities but represent care, respect, and a rebuilding of self-esteem. With steadfast commitment to community collaboration, inventive solutions, and enduring resilience, our goal is to broaden our support networks, ensuring no one endures hardship in isolation. In our envisioned future, every person, equipped with self-care tools and supported by a community devoted to their welfare, will seize a stable and optimistic future, contributing to a society that nurtures the potential for all to flourish.

For immediate assistance in Missouri, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673. For the Deaf Crisis Line, use the videophone service by calling 321-800-3323 or text "Hand" to 939683.

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