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Founder & CEO
Carlotta Burton Headshot May 2023_edited

Carlotta M. Burton is a distinguished professional with a wealth of experience in retail, showcasing her strategic leadership and operational excellence. Her commitment to community service is evident in her extensive involvement, reflecting a profound dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

With a solid educational background, Carlotta's academic achievements include a well-earned degree, from Fontbonne University, underscoring her commitment to continuous learning and personal development. Her demonstrated passion for addressing social issues is most notably reflected in her role as the leader of Project Circles of Support, a non-profit organization she founded.

Carlotta's diverse skill set encompasses not only her retail expertise but also her adeptness in community service and leadership. Her compassionate approach sets her apart, making her a valuable asset capable of effecting profound change across various sectors. Through her leadership qualities, she has positioned herself as a catalyst for positive impact, driving initiatives that address critical social issues and uplift communities.

Carlotta M. Burton is a seasoned professional whose dedication to community service, strong educational background, and leadership in Project Circles of Support exemplify her commitment to creating positive change. Her multifaceted skill set, and compassionate leadership make her well-equipped to make meaningful contributions across a diverse range of sectors.


Carlotta has been married to Reverend Rodrick K. Burton for nearly 27 years and the mother of adult fraternal twins and Mother-in-law to one son in love.



Trustees & Board Members


Tyronna Capers                                     Trustee Marketing Director Kellogg

Suzanne Goff                                          Trustee Senior Academic Adviser George Washington University, Wash D.C.

Edward Mahan                                       Trustee Mayor City of Rock Hill, Missouri HR Manager Mercy Hospital

Carmen Merriweather                         Accounting Services Manager Washington University St Louis

Tamara Cheers                                      Retired Senior Project Manager CenturyLink (Lumen)

Zoe D. Williams                                      Resident Program Coordinator Mercy Hospital

NiKeisha Fortenberry                           Staff Development & Compliance Coordinator City of St. Louis Courts

Jean Patterson Neal                              Retired, CEO Annie Malone's Children & Family Svcs

Tiffiny Jefferson                                    Social Worker Field Student UMSL

Sanaz Collins                                         Director of Demand Generation, Enterprise Banking

Warren Newton                                     Retired St. Louis Detective, St Louis Metropolitan Police 

Stephanie Briggs                                   Director of External Partnerships Cultural Leadership/LEAD STL

Charlotte Clay                                       Manager of Operations & Logistics STL NIKE Air MI

Trisha Gordon                                       VP of Community Investment United Way of Greater St Louis


Colette Hosie                                       Interim General Manager STL NIKE Air MI 

Wray Clay                                             Retired VP Diversity & Inclusion United Way of Greater St Louis

Pastor RK Burton                                Spiritual Advisor Pastor, New Northside MB Church 

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